By Kate Feeks


Alison Chudzinski, 2017 graduate of Cloverleaf High School, was this year’s recipient of the Judge James L. Kimbler Cloverleaf Local School District Scholarship.

The Celebrezze-Zanghi Community Legal Education Project, Inc. provides students attending Cloverleaf High School the opportunity to receive a scholarship to assist them when attending a four-year college or university.

The purpose of the Kimber scholarship is to provide financial assistance to actively involved and academically successful high school students. The standards of eligibility of students include: the applicant must be a Cloverleaf High School graduating senior, financial need (not a determining factor but a consideration), the applicant must be involved in school and or community activities, the student must maintain a minimum 3.25 cumulative GPA with documentation from the most current school term. Students who receive full scholarship support from other organizations or institutions will not be considered for this scholarship. 


Alison Chudzinski, winner of this year’s scholarship enjoyed being involved in many extra curricular activities at her school.  During her high school career she was a class officer, voted class president by the end of her sophomore year. She was involved in Student Council, NHS (National Honors Society), Swimming, Cross Country, Drama Club, SHUDDLE and HUDDLE.  SHUDDLE (focuses on seventh grade students) and HUDDLE (focuses on fourth grade students) programs developed to help kids understand preventive measures or possible influences of their peers such as bullying, drugs or bad behaviors.

When Alison decided to apply for the scholarship she was well aware that the students headed toward law school were looked at first, but she decided to try it anyway.  “I just said you know what, there is potential here, I can do this. I just gave it a shot anyway. I knew I could write a lot about what I have done for the school and community.” Alison said. 

This summer Alison is working at Westfield Group Country Club as a lifeguard for her second year.  She will be attending the University of Toledo this fall majoring in Biology.  “My focus right now is to become a medical lab technician.  I am so excited!” Alison explained. 

Congratulations to Alison Chudzinski and good luck with all your future plans!