By Kate Feeks


In 1983 the city of Wadsworth, Ohio started a community television station to communicate, educate and entertain residents. WCTV (Wadsworth Community Television) is a television station owned and operated by the city of Wadsworth. The station operates three channels; Public (Channel 15), Educational (Channel 16) and Government (Channel 17). The station’s programming is available on CityLink Cable and Time Warner Cable systems.


WCTV offers free training and services to all residents of Wadsworth. The use of production equipment is available for public service announcements for non-profits and advertising opportunities for businesses. Residents can produce their own television shows using cameras, tripods, microphones, lights, and editing systems for post production - all provided free of charge. The station also provides the training needed to operate the production equipment. A fully-equipped studio is also available for community use, complete with 3 robotic cameras, graphics software, audio system, and green screen capabilities. This year, community volunteers will produce over 1,800 new shows, and provide over 20,000 hours of local programming.

The staff of WCTV includes John Madding, Cable TV Programming and Access Manager; Johanna Perrino, Operations Technician, and Drew Bicksler and James Barnard, Sports Production.


On November 17, 2016, WCTV hosted the Clapper Awards Ceremony. The Clapper Award Ceremony is for those who have produced the best programming on WCTV throughout the year. This year’s 2016 Clapper Award winners were selected based on quality and popularity. Ballots were cast in October with WCTV receiving over 3,000 ballots from viewers. Nominations were sent to a panel of media professionals who judged each program on quality, production, content and overall reaction to the show. This year the judges were from Orlando Florida, Hiram University, and other venues.

Attorney John Celebrezze is the host of the show Law Talk, a well-known program on WCTV stations. Celebrezze was among one of the winners of the 2016 Clapper Awards. Attorney Celebrezze won in the Best Public Awareness Category for his show Law Talk – Medina County Specialized Dockets and he also received Honorable Mention for his show with former Medina County Prosecutor, Dean Holman.

John Madding, Programming and Manager, presented the awards to the winners. “The thing that stands out the most for me about the show Law Talk is the fact that Mr. Celebrezze is an attorney. The amount of credibility he brings to our viewers is so important. So many times people have questions about the law or are curious to know what their rights are, who do they need to talk to, where should they go for a certain situation. They need guidance according to the law. To find those answers they would have to do an extreme amount of reading and research on their own or hire an attorney to get all the facts. Attorney Celebrezze provides our viewers with guests on his show who are judges, specialized attorneys, prosecutors, magistrates and more. These guests offer such value and up to date facts and education about the law. A host like Attorney Celebrezze brings so much to our viewing audience. The show Law Talk is a source of information that is truly so helpful time and time again.” Madding noted.

Congratulations to Attorney John Celebrezze for winning the 2016 Clapper Award for his show Law Talk. We look forward to many more educational episodes to better inform and educate our community.